Car Rental and Transfer Service Abroad


1. Lack of language barrier.

2. Constantly updated discounts and promotions.

3. You will not spend your time filling out various forms, we will do it for you.

4. You can also pay the entire cost of the car here, in our office, in local currency.


Differ to taxi, a transfer has a fixed price, — the same rate for any address
within a city. There is no extra charges for greeting sign and luggage. Even in case your flight is delayed, we will wait for you for Free.

What you need to book a Car or book a Transfer abroad?

It's very simple, please contact us by phone. (+994) 51 225 71 56/57/58, or by city number (+994) 12 504 11 74.


1. What is required when picking up the car?

Passport, driving license and a plastic card to pay the rent

2. Deposit and its size?

When renting a car on your card will be blocked deposit (bail), its size depends on the class of renting a car (usually from 300 to 1,000 euros). Cash will be released after 30 days in the absence of new lesions in the car.

3. Will I get the same car, which is listed on the site?

Europcar car confirms the group and the type of transmission, but does not confirm the model of the car. If the lease time on the rental station is not ordered car - you get cars of the same class or a class above, but without changing the rental price.

4. Can I cross the borders of other states in a rented car?

You can travel throughout the Schengen countries with the exception of certain countries or regions. For more information, you can check with the employee upon receipt Europcar car.

5. How to book additional equipment? 

When booking a car, you can also order additional equipment (GPS navigation, WiFi routers, child seats. Also, all of these services are able to purchase in the production car at Europcar station.

6. Does the fuel in the rent a car?

You need to return the car with the same amount of fuel as when picked up. In some countries, it provided an opportunity to pre-paid fuel.

7. Is it possible to deliver the booked car to the hotel?

In some countries it is possible, please contact us for more information.

8. Can I return the car after the closure of the station?

Almost all Europcar stations equipped with special boxes for the return of keys. Specify this information in the preparation of the car.

9. What does the standard insurance? 

This insurance provides financial responsibility of the customer in case of accident or theft of the car, a limited franchise. In the office, you can reduce the deductible to 0 for an additional fee.

10. What to do if you are involved in an accident on a rented car? 

When an accident is necessary to inform the station where you take the car for all-day phone number and follow the instructions. Upon receipt of cars definitely find room around the clock support.

11. Where can I find rental terms in different countries?

Useful information on the terms of the lease and the rules in force in different countries can be found in FAQ

12. How can I cancel my order?

To cancel a previously placed order, you need to call and inform the call center staff.

13. How can I change my order?

Make a change to an earlier order is impossible. We recommend to perform a new order, then cancel the old order.

14. I have complaints or questions about an order that has already been fulfilled abroad, where can I go?

On claims already completed orders abroad and controversial issues, it is necessary to describe your problem on our website

15. Who can I contact about a question related to current rent abroad?

Questions relating to the current lease should be addressed to the service provider’s specialists in the country where the car was received.

At the same time to process your request, please provide the following information: 

1. Date of beginning / end of the lease;

2. The start / end of the lease;

3. Place the start / end of the lease;

4. Full name in Latin letters;

5. The desired car class and type of PPC.

Thank you for choosing Europcar!

Call our reservations team: +994 125041174 / +994512257156

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